Thursday | May 05, 2016

Andrew Riley

The First Life Of Tanan

On Tanan's eleventh birthday, there was an accident; a bad accident. His early gift of magic was beginning to feel like a curse as he found himself hunted by the King's Legion, who would stop at nothing to find him. War was coming, and it was up to Tanan to stop it, at any cost.

I read this book in 1 day. Truth be told, I couldn't put it down. I was able to follow and identify with each charachter as they were introduced. Andrew did a good job of connecting the characters to the story. As I read it, I kept thinking this wouild make a great movie. I couldn't help but to relate to the main characther (Tanan) as he matured and mastered the magical artistry of his destiny. Great ending and great segway to a 2nd book (I hope). All the aspects of my favorites..magic..violence..intrigue..mystique were presented in this epic tale.

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